Terms and conditions of use

1.1. General.

Marketero Inc., ("we" or "Marketero") offers a variety of products and services (referred to, individually, the "Product" and collectively, the "Products") to small and medium enterprises. The website (The "Site") and the products (including any sub-site, service or functionality related) are provided in accordance with the terms and conditions of use of the products and website, and the guidelines, rules or operating policies that we publish on the website, including but not limited to, our AntiSpam Policy, our Prohibited Content and Commerce Statement and the Privacy Policy, specifically incorporated herein by reference (hereinafter, collectively, as the "agreement"). We may rectify this Agreement in a timely manner due to changes made in the Site or Products, to respond in accordance with the law, or by any other reasonable business reason. The changes take effect only after you have been notified (by email or by posting on the Site). If you do not agree with these changes, you can cease them using the Site and the Products and contact us to cancel your account. You agree on your behalf and on behalf of any business or organization representing (referred collectively “you”) by checking the box next to the button "Do you agree?" which appears on the subscription page, you also agree when you log into your account, or when you access the Site or any of the products (also through interface API) The terms and conditions included in the acceptances, invoices, purchase orders or other that you provided, are specifically null and void.

1.2. Minimum age and discharge capacity

This Site and its Products are only available to organisms and people who can legally form binding contracts under applicable law. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Site and the Products are not available for children under the age of 18. If you do not qualify, you are not authorized to use the Site and the Products. If you use the Site or Products on behalf of an organization, you should ensure your ability to bind such organization from the use of the Site and the Products

1.3. Account signup.

By signing up with Marketero, you agree to provide true, accurate, current and complete information about yourself and the organization, as appropriate and as requested in the sign up form and in any other part of the Site, and agree to update such information if this changed

1.4. Account Access.

According to compliance with the terms we may, allow you to authorize additional users to use their account marketer. If this were the case and for the purposes of this Agreement, you as the "Account Holder" will be responsible for the use of each of your authorized users ("Authorized Users") on Marketero and their complying with the terms of the Agreement.