AntiSpam Policy

Marketero has implemented a “Non spam” policy. Our Team monitors the extensive importation lists and the emails that are sent to a large amount of subscribers. If we detect a user using Marketero to send Spam we will immediately close your account.
If you know or suspect of certain people transgressing Marketero’s Policy you must report him immediately to
All emails include a mandatory unsubscribe link. Marketero warned those who attempt to remove the link. If the link is removed or somehow disabled, Marketero will cancel the customer's account.

What is Spam?

The Spam is a unsolicited email known as UCE (unsolicited commercial e-mail). If you send emails to those who have asked to receive them, you are complying with accepted and allowed emails guidelines.

What is the meaning of having a “pre-existent business relationship?

It means that the recipient of your email has made a purchase, requested information, responded a questionnaire or survey, or kept offline contact with you.

What is the meaning of consent?

It means that the e-mail recipient has received a clear and complete notice regarding the collection and use of your email address and expressed its acceptance regard. Often, this is called informed consent.

Is there any law against spam?

Most Countries have a “User Data Protection” Law. In the US, Federal Antispam Law came into force on January 1st 2004 and regulates over all state laws. Although the new law will not stop spam, it makes it illegal and therefore less attractive to those who send it. The law is very specific about the requirements for sending commercial emails and enable the federal government to enforce the law. Penalties may include a penalty fee and / or up to 5 years in prison.

What about Canada?

Also, if you send or receive mail through mail servers located in Canada, you must also comply with the Anti-Spam Act of Canada ("CASL"). For this reason, we do not consider as implied consent to send an email to a contact that has made Canada a question or request sent permissible under this policy.

How Marketero protects you from Spam

Marketero is a Marketing tool based on permits that meet the most strict philosophies:

Communication: On Marketero´s registration page you are told why the email address of the visitor is collected, how it plans to use it and how it complies with the privacy policy included. In addition, by accepting our license agreement you agree to use only permission-based lists and never to sell or rent.

Verification: Marketero automatically sends to all new subscribers an email to confirm whether they are interested in receiving emails from you. Also, if the subscriber changes his interests or unsubscribes, Marketero automatically sends a confirmation email.

Unsubscribing: All emails generated by Marketero include a link to unsubscribe, wich allows them stop receiving messages from future email campaigns. Subscriber lists are updated automatically to avoid any possibility of sending spam to those who have unsubscribed.

ID: The information contained in the email header is correct because marketer and establishers dealt with in advance. The "From" address of your email campaign is verified and identified as the issuer.

Contact information: the "contact information" field of all emails is completed previously and includes your physical address.

How to protect yourself against Spam?

Answer the following questions to know if you are a Spammer:

  • Do you import purchased lists of any kind?
  • Do you send to unspecified addresses as,,, or other addresses?
  • Do you send to distribution lists or mailing lists that send indirectly to a variety of email addresses?
  • Do you send emails to people who have not expressly stated their desire to join the mailing list?
  • Have you falsified your source address information or the transmission path?
  • Have you used an e-mail address or domain name without permission?
  • Does the email subject include false or misleading information?
  • Does your email not provide a working unsubscribe link?
  • Are you not processing applications for subscription cancellation received in response to your email within 10 days of receipt of the application?
If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you probably qualify as spammer. For more information, visit The Coalition Against Unsolicited of Email (Coalition against unwanted email): or contact Customer Care: